Men’s health

Men’s health

Numerous exogenous and endogenous factors have an effect on male reproductive health. A great deal of research has gone into figuring out how those conditions disrupt reproductive organs and cells, as well as what sort of diagnostic or therapeutic measures to be taken. For a variety of causes, diseases of the male reproductive system or sex organs are not detected as often as they must be. The patient has an illness but does not tell his general physician about it, he feels ashamed of being discussing these matters.

Reproductive health challenges

There are a number of issues that men face when it comes to their reproductive wellbeing. These health issues may include low sperm count, infertility, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, testicular disorders, and prostate cancer. Anyone with this issue is a cause of concern and it must be reported to a doctor for getting proper therapy. They may pose alarming effects upon male general and reproductive health and disturb their marital life. Here is given an overview of common male sexual health problems which can be treated successfully by medication and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

It is the condition in which a man fails to obtain an erection for successful sexual intercourse. Either he is unable to achieve an erection or he may achieve it but loses in a short time, thus leading to premature ejaculation. Causes behind this issue include hormonal disturbance, mental anxiety, and related physical illness. Long-term usage of some medicines is also responsible for erectile

Erectile dysfunction, ED is common in men above 60 years of age but it may occur in younger ones also due to certain issues. It is diagnosed by doctors with ultrasound techniques and blood tests. After a diagnosis of the responsible cause, treatment is prescribed until it is cured.

  • Low sperm count infertility

In normal sexual intercourse, when a man ejaculates, he releases millions of sperms that enter into the female reproductive tract and one of them fertilizes the egg. When he ejaculates sperms in less number, fewer than 15 million sperms per milliliter, it is characterized as low sperm count. Low sperm count is one of the common causes of infertility as it becomes hard to conceive naturally.

There are a number of reasons behind this issue including hormonal issues, obesity, excessive drugs use, or alcoholism. Doctors recommend semen analysis to identify the condition and may ask several questions to identify the root cause. After identification, relevant treatment is advised along with a change in lifestyle.

  • Decreased libido

The urge for sexual intercourse and sex-seeking behavior is referred to as libido. Though levels of libido vary from individual to individual and even throughout the life of a person but very little sexual desire is a point of concern. It may indicate some underlying issues which may be a hormonal problem, side effects of some medicines, aging, or psychological disturbance.

Low levels of testosterone decrease sexual desire in males. Doctors recommend blood tests to diagnose normal testosterone levels. They may ask several questions regarding other diseases and medicine use. Treatments are available to cure hormonal disturbance.

  • Prostate diseases

The prostate is the part of the male reproductive system which lies below the bladder. It produces fluid which joins sperms and the secretions of some glands from testicles and forms semen. Prostate enables the forceful entrance of semen into the urethra for ejaculation. Prostate problems like cancer and enlarged prostate affect a man sexually. They may lead to urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive.

Prostate problems are curable, doctors recommend medicines to relieve the symptoms. Abnormal levels of androgen are also balanced to cure prostate problems.

Common causes behind male sexual health issues

Maintaining normal sexual or reproductive health is crucial for a healthy life. Identifying the underlying cause behind any health problem can help a lot in recovery. Following are the main causes behind sexual health problems which need to be addressed.

  • Hormonal problems

Hormones play a major role in driving the whole reproductive functions normally. When their levels alter, they may lead to some issues. Androgen, especially testosterone is responsible for maintaining normal sexual functions.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Lifestyle matters a lot in defining the person’s normal health either reproductive or mental. An unhealthy lifestyle, which includes drug abuse, alcoholism and excessive use of sleeping pills, and poor exercise, causes various problems to occur. Many of them can be avoided even without medication by changing lifestyles.

  • Psychological problems

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress disturb life completely. They not only affect a person’s behavior but also disturb physical health. Hormonal issues also occur along with sexual dissatisfaction and decreases libido.

  • Physical illness

Some diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and some others for which the treatments are given for the rest of life can potentially affect reproductive functions due to prolonged medicine use. Some supplements and other medicines are prescribed to cure these sexual problems.

Treatment choices

Male sexual health problems are common in our society now. We have discussed the causes in detail but not to be worried. They are curable with a healthy lifestyle and medicines. Around the globe, various approaches are used to solve the identified problems. These approaches may include surgical solutions as well as nonsurgical like hormonal therapies, psychological therapies, and nutritional improvement.

While considering the safest way, herbal medicines are vastly used for a long time to cure these issues. They are made with natural ingredients so are less harmful to human health.

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