What is Leucorrhea?

What is Leucorrhea? Leucorrhea, also known as white, is a medical terminology used to explain a situation when women face a thick white or yellow discharge from the vagina. Although vaginal discharges are very important to maintain good genital health changes in the discharges, colors and smells may need medical attention in order to be […]

Hormonal issues

Hormonal issues While spending your busy life and overcoming the stresses of study, employment, or family matters; you may feel mentally and physically disturbed. Behind this emotional and physically irritated state; the responsible cause can be an imbalance in hormones. It is quite important here to understand hormones and their functions in our body before […]

What is Moringa?

What is Moringa? Moringa oleifera, often called drumstick tree is a plant, native to the Indian subcontinent. It is also grown in Africa and South America. It is famous for its names “the Ben oil tree” and “horseradish tree”. Besides other parts, i-e flowers, roots, seeds, and bark, leaves, and pods of the tree are […]

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity? Obesity is a serious and dangerous disease that has many more negative effects on many systems in your body and also on your personality. People who are overweight have a much greater risk of developing serious conditions such as; Heart disease Diabetes Bones and joints diseases Who will be considered obese: Here are […]

How to get Beautiful Skin?

How to get BEAUTIFUL SKIN? Today, almost every woman personally craves beautiful skin with a flawless complexion. Many of them often apply face scrubs, moisturizing lotions, sunblocks, and other face serums accessible in the market! While others use organic tips and put in a lot of effort to make their skin beautiful. Well, there is […]

What is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression What is postpartum depression? Postpartum depression is a serious mental condition; affecting a number of females. The symptoms of mental depression arise after childbirth or even start during pregnancy. No doubt, having a baby is always exciting for the mother but the consistent mood swings, less sleep, and anxiety attacks made it difficult […]